What are the disadvantages of buying off-plan property in Dubai?

What are the advantages of buying off-plan property in Dubai?
Buying off-plan property is not the risk that everyone imagines especially nowadays with a majority of developers offer a deposit guarantee for extra security and peace of mind. However, it is not as certain as other properties that are ready or pre-owned which you can see with your own eyes and feel them. But just remember these properties once where an off-plan and under construction and now they worth much more that before due to the market value which keeps on rising each and everyday since the construction starts.
There’s also the possibility that the property you purchase doesn’t increase in value as much as you expected, or at all, during its construction. Therefore, and to ensure optimum ROI, it is better to always look for off-plan properties that have been built by trusted developers, within areas with growing levels of investor demand.


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