What are the advantages of buying off-plan property in Dubai?

Buying an off-plan allows you to get the property with a lower price comparing to current or future market prices with a return on capital and a strong rental value.
In a rapidly developing market, buying off-plan enables investors and homebuyers to buy a property at a lower price than the ready to sell units. In addition, buying off-plan may be the best way to get a property with your own favorite location or set of features as choice may be limited once construction starts.
Buying off-plan is ideal if you decide on re-selling the unit once the construction is finished. In order to purchase off-plan property, you just need to provide a deposit of just 10-20% of the property’s value, making securing the property simple and affordable.
Whether you decide to resell or live in the apartment, the best way and the greatest advantage of the off-plan properties is that you are able to choose the ideal unit that suits your dreams, matches your ideal home image, taste, and budget.
In such a highly raising market, through developers you are able to get your contract on the first stage of the construction in which allows you to make a profit by just selling the unit again to another interested buyer.


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